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Therapy Package

Step 1 - Comprehensive Intake & Assessment

This is a valuable first step that allows me to understand you and the reason you've come to counselling.  I will gather pertinent information about your personality, strengths, challenges and difficulties, the presence of any risk behaviours, developmental differences and diagnoses, family history, structure and dynamic, your major and minor concerns and most importantly your therapeutic goals for counselling. 

The intake and assessment process is a combination of pre-session paperwork and a 60-90 min consultation.  

Once you have a comprehensive understanding of how the counselling process will work, the boundaries of confidentiality & the goals we'll be working toward I will seek your informed consent to engage for an initial 10 sessions and a re-assessment / review. If you consent to engage in therapy, we will go ahead and schedule your first 10 appointments and the review meeting. If you do not consent then we will cancel the Therapy Package and you will have no further fees to pay, beyond the intake & assessment appointment. 

The fee for this step is $234, payable at the end of the session. 

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Step 2 - 10 x 60 min Counselling Sessions

Over ten x 60 minute sessions we will work together toward the achievement of your therapeutic goals. Using the information gathered during the comprehensive intake process we will select a therapeutic approach that leverages your strengths, your lived experience and your self-wisdom in the context of your unique brain, body, values, circumstances and goals.  In my sessions I prioritise emotion regulation and healthy self-soothing behaviours to ensure that your nervous system is primed for therapy and open to support and change. 

The fee for this step is $156 per session, payable at the end of each session.

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Step 3 - Re-Assessment & Review

Although we'll be monitoring progress and adapting therapy throughout the first 10 sessions, it is important that we conduct a formal re-assessment to measure your progress toward therapeutic goals. 

We will also discuss recommendations for referrals to other practitioners or services and we will decide whether it's a good time to exit counselling at this point or continue. 

The fee for this session is $156, payable at the end of the session. 

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Step 4 - Clinical Report

Upon completion of all intake, assessment, therapy and re-assessment appointments clients may request a Clinical Report.  Clinical Reports are most often required for NDIS planning purposes.  Clinical Reports will include a summary of the client's therapeutic goals, outline of therapeutic interventions, a summary of the client's progress and recommendations for further development. 

The fee for this step is $156 per hour.   

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Optional Step 5 - Additional Counselling Sessions (Additional Fees Apply)

Once an initial package of therapy has been completed, you are eligible to book further counselling sessions, at a rate of $156 per 50 minutes. 

Psychology Appointment
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