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The Counselling Process

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Because so many of my clients have highly sensitive nervous systems where the stress response is so often and so easily activated, I recommend an initial minimum course of therapy, which gives my clients time to settle in to the environment of my office, become familiar with me, and build up a sense of safety and security over time so that their nervous system can remain calm and regulated throughout therapy and they can work toward their therapeutic goals with a more peaceful mind and body. 

Every course of therapy begins with a thorough intake and assessment process. I place great value on intake and assessment because it allows us to develop an effective therapeutic plan that leverages your strengths, your lived experience and your self-wisdom in the context of your unique brain, body, values, circumstances and goals.

A course of therapy includes:


(1) Pre-Therapy Intake & Assessment (this is NOT counselling)

(2) Treatment Sessions 

(3) Re-Assessment & Review

(4) Further counselling sessions and clinical reports as required

By enrolling in a course of therapy, your sessions will be booked in advance and you will be guaranteed a regular appointment time in my calendar.  

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