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Therapy Package

Step 1 - Comprehensive Intake & Assessment

Step 1a) Intake with Primary Carer/s


This is an important first step that allows me to understand your child; their personality, strengths, challenges and difficulties, any developmental differences and diagnoses, the family history, structure and dynamic, your major and minor concerns and most importantly their therapeutic goals for counselling.

The intake and assessment process is undertaken without your child present so that we can talk openly and honestly without causing damage to your child's esteem.  

The intake and assessment process is a combination of online paperwork and a 60-90 min consultation between Kristie and the child's primary carer/s.

The fee for this step is $234, payable at the end of the session.

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Step 1 - Comprehensive Intake & Assessment

Step 1b) Intake with Child


This session allows me to meet & greet your child and observe their skills and behaviours first hand in a casual, play-based session.  

The intake and assessment with your child will last for between 45-60 minutes, depending on the child's capacity at the time. 

The fee for this step is $156, payable at the end of the session.

Child Model

Step 2 - 10 x 30 min Counselling Sessions

Over ten x 30 minute sessions I will work with you and your child towards the achievement of their therapeutic goals.  My work with children also incorporates relevant parenting coaching so that you feel equipped to support your child's continued development in the home environment. Where beneficial, I can also liaise with your child's school. 

Sessions with younger children are generally play based and are held on the floor with toys and games.  For children who enjoy it, I also incorporate creative arts and expressive therapies such as drawing, drama, dance and movement.  For older children the sessions are customised around their specific interests and motivators.

The fee for this step is $78 per session, payable at the end of each session.

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Step 3 - Re-Assessment & Review

Although we'll be monitoring and adapting therapy throughout the first 10 sessions, it is important that we conduct a formal re-assessment to measure your child's progress toward their therapeutic goals. 

As with the initial intake and assessment, this re-assessment process is undertaken without the child present. We will repeat the initial assessments and discuss how your child is responding to therapy and whether any referrals or further interventions are recommended. 

From here, we will decide whether to continue with regular counselling or if the therapeutic goals have been achieved and you feel confident in supporting your child to maintain their gains, we will develop an exit plan for you to maintain their progress at home and at school. 

The fee for this step is $156, payable at the end of the session. 

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Step 4 - Clinical Report

Upon completion of all intake, assessment, therapy and re-assessment appointments clients may request a Clinical Report.  Clinical Reports are most often required for NDIS planning purposes.  Clinical Reports will include a summary of the client's therapeutic goals, outline of therapeutic interventions, a summary of the client's progress and recommendations for further development. 

The fee for this step is $156 per hour.   

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Optional Step 5 - Additional Counselling Sessions (Additional Fees Apply)

Once an initial course of therapy has been completed, you are eligible to book regular ongoing or ad hoc counselling sessions for your child as required, at a rate of $78 per 30 minutes. 

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